Thanks to the donations from our sales we have been able to contribute to a few different projects at Millennium Elephant Foundation!

The Free Roaming Area was completed when I first volunteered about 2 years ago, but there was no place for the elephants to access to drinking water. From our early proceeds (and some very kind donations) we were able to cover the costs of building wells in the Free Roaming Area! Now the elephants don't have to have their freedom interrupted to go down to the river to drink.  

Ranmenika watching the well get topped up


In December 2017, my favourite elephant Kandula needed to undergo surgery for his knee. He had a hematoma - which is a collection of blood outside the blood cells that cause swelling. The top vet in Sri Lanka came to MEF to perform the surgery and the proceeds from Aliya's Christmas gift sales paid for it. I returned to MEF not too long after Kandula's surgery and while I was there I helped with his treatment where both Ayurvedic and Western medicines were used. His knee wound was deep but it made considerable improvements over the time I was there. I was so happy that thanks to these sales we could help cover his much needed surgery - and that I got to be there to help.  

Elephant Poop Paper

Elephant Poop Paper


We are currently helping out another project as well, Leap for Lucy, back here in Canada. Lucy is a 42-year-old Sri Lankan elephant that has been in the Edmonton Valley Zoo for 40 years now. She is all alone (elephants are social creatures and NEED interaction) and in an environment that is too cold for an animal that should be born and raised in tropical jungles. A group of dedicated animal lovers are requesting the City of Edmonton and the Zoo allow Lucy to be examined from a team of qualified vets so she can either be safely moved or finally receive the necessary improvements and adjustments to her captivity. For March and April, we will be donating 10% of all proceeds to this cause instead. 

Elephant Paper