Ranmenika is a 51 year old elephant that has been at MEF since January 2012 and is extremely well mannered. As a child Ranmenika was abandoned by her mom and herd when she fell into an agricultural well. Her rescuers (and eventual legal owners) hired a digger to dig a long slope to the bottom of the well so Ranmenika could walk out, otherwise she would not have survived.

Ranmenika spent many years in the tourism industry wearing a howdah (chair used for rides). Many people don’t realize the damage that the howdah does to an elephant, but it often causes many health issues. The strap is on extremely tight to keep the chair from shifting which puts pressure on the internal organs, and some tourist places offer very long rides in various terrain which puts added strain on the elephant. The howdah caused a lot of internal damage and health issues for Ranmenika that she will never recover from.

Suffering from fibrous growths in her uterus, she is noticeably thinner than the other elephants at MEF. She also has a condition called Hemarthrosis which is when blood seeps into the joint of her ankle, causing it to seize up. When this occurs her mahout will massage the joint with a warm herbal paste. Because of all of her health issues Ranmenika receives extra vitamins each morning, but she rarely takes them without putting up a fuss. She is very cheeky and childish when it comes to her vitamins! The vitamins get put into a ball of dough but she won’t eat it if all the vitamins are mixed. This means she gets lots of small dough balls, and even still she usually plays with the ball in her trunk for a while (hoping it will break) before finally eating it.


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