The name Rani translates to “Queen” in India, which fits perfectly with this beautiful elephant. Rani is 8 feet tall, weighs over 2 tonnes and has really nice colouration on her face and trunk.

Rani was born in 1981 and was originally found in the wild as an orphan. She was brought to a sanctuary in Pinnawalla when she was 6 years old and then given as a present to a Hindu temple by the former President of Sri Lanka. After that she was sold to private owners, but they found it difficult to pay for her upkeep so she moved to MEF in 2002.

She has a gentle nature and is a very well behaved elephant. She gets along amazingly with her mahout (elephant keeper) that she has worked with for over 25 years. She also likes spending time with Pooja, although Pooja’s mom Lakshmi often gets jealous. As a treat Rani enjoys eating lemon puff biscuits which can be bought from shops nearby so she never has to go too long without some!


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