Pooja’s name means “Gift to the Gods”. She is the daughter of Lakshmi and is the baby of MEF’s herd, being born at MEF on August 5th, 1986. She was the first elephant to be born in captivity in Sri Lanka. When she was a baby she used to go inside the house and so she can still be found peeking in through the windows in hopes of getting some food from her owner Carminie.

Pooja is much smaller than the other elephants at MEF but probably has the same amount of energy as all of them combined. She always wants to be on the move and doesn’t like to walk slow. She has been spending lots of time in the Free Roaming Area with her mom, where she gets to exhibit more normal elephant behaviours. The first time they were in there together she watched as Lakshmi collected sand to throw over herself. Sure enough after some observation Pooja decided to try it as well, even stealing the piles of sand that her mom had made.


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