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Meet the Elephants

Eco Maximus paper factory is located right beside Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) in Randeniya, Sri Lanka. MEF is working to better the lives of captive elephants by providing food, shelter, and medical care to their 7 resident ellies. These elephants are all privately owned and a few of them were mistreated during their previous work in either the logging or tourism industry. MEF also houses elephants temporarily when medical treatment is needed, and they have room for a total of 12 elephants at a time. Two years ago they completed a Free Roaming Area for the elephants and are now building an observation area for tourists to sit and relax while watching them graze. They also introduced the Elephant Walk Experience about the same time, which is a much more intimate and natural opportunity for tourists to walk with an elephant through the jungle and see them exhibit normal behaviours while enjoying complete freedom.

Unfortunately, because elephants are such large, powerful creatures they have a chain on for safety reasons. Quite similar to a leash on a dog, the purpose of the chain is to have an option at restraining the elephant if it were to run or charge. Since there are often tourists walking around it provides a small sense of security since no animal is ever 100% predictable. The chain is balanced on the neck so that if the elephant started running it would fall off and the mahout (elephant keeper) could grab it and wrap it around a tree to try and slow the elephant. It’s a traditional method of safety in Sri Lanka and isn’t something MEF started, and they are working towards becoming a chain-free establishment.

You can read more about Millennium Elephant Foundation and all of their efforts here

Because of the location of Eco Maximus, all products are currently made from the dung of these 7 elephants. They all have their own unique story… making each product even more original and unique than the last. We may not be able to tell you exactly which elephant produced the dung to make your notebook or paper cube… but we can guarantee it was from one of them!

Click on an image to learn more about each elephant! 


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