Kavari Raja

Kavari Raja is an Indian elephant in his 30’s and was donated by an Indian temple from Kerala to the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy when he was a baby. He is an impressive elephant of 11ft 4in, weighing over 4.7 tonnes, and has huge curving tusks which cross over.

In 2006 Kavari Raja dislocated his front left leg at the temple and didn’t receive proper treatment because the war was going on. Unfortunately because of this his leg is still deformed, and still causes him discomfort so he doesn’t get too much exercise. Most of his days at MEF are spent relaxing and being bathed in the river, falling asleep while being scrubbed with a coconut husk.

Despite his massive size and discomfort, he is a very mild mannered elephant except for when he goes into musth. This happens around the month of October and can last up to four months. During this time, increased testosterone levels make him very unpredictable and potentially dangerous. But even during musth he likes covering himself with leaves when he is up in his night bed, and often can be found with a branch resting on his head!


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