Kandula is a 57 year old elephant from a temple in Badulla. Since he belongs to a temple he unfortunately partakes in the Perahera (a large Buddhist festival where elephants get dressed up in costumes and parade the streets). When Kandula isn’t at the Perahera he gets to spend his time at MEF working with volunteers. He usually gets to spend a lot of time being bathed in the river and often falls asleep while in there, finally able to relax.

Because of his age, Kandula has some different health issues. He has very poor eyesight in his left eye which can be seen from close up. He also returned to MEF with wounds on his legs from wearing chains while at the Perahera and going through musth. The staff at MEF have been giving him daily treatments for these wounds and they are improving.

He is a very kind and gentle elephant with a beautiful soul. He has always appeared to me as a wise and extremely intelligent individual, although perhaps that is a bias I have from getting to spend lots of time with him.



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