Elephant Facts

Sri Lankan elephants are their own subspecies, known as elephas maximus maximus.

They can weigh anywhere from 2.25-5.5 tons (2000-5000kg).

The average elephant eats anywhere between 200-300kg of food per day. This means that they produce a large amount of waste everyday… Up to 200kg!!

Elephants are vegetarians and love to eat jackfruit leaves, coconut palm leaves, kitul bark,  fruits and vegetables.

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Asian elephants alter their ecosystem by creating new habitats for emergent vegetation. Because they defecate up to 18x a day and they tend to travel long distances they disperse seeds all over.

Elephants only have four teeth – one upper and one lower tooth per side. These massive teeth allow them to grind down the leaves and bark they eat.

They lose their teeth 3-4x in their lifetime. You can tell whether the elephant has a new set of teeth by looking at their dung and seeing how small the plant fibres are! The smaller the fibres are the younger the teeth!