8 Wonders About Elephant Poop

Here are some fun elephant facts to interest you. Did you know that elephants dump 50 to 70 kilos of poop every day as they go about their daily business? Not surprising, considering they consume 200-250 kilos of herbs and leaves every day. Botswana in Africa has the highest number of elephants (nearly 130,000), which means 650,000 kilos of droppings every day. That’s a lot of poop lying around, fertilizing the trees. In Asia, a few intelligent minds came together and brainstormed a way to put elephant poop to good use. From that, elephant dung paper was born.

Aliya Dung Paper is made out of 30% elephant dung and 70% recycled paper at the Eco Maximus Paper Factory in Sri Lanka. A portion of each sale is donated for the upkeep of elephants. There is more to elephant poop than just recycled paper. See what else it is used for:

8 Fun Facts About Elephant Dung

Scented Dung

Contrary to what you may think, elephant dung is not that repulsive. It is scented with all that herb and grass that the elephant feeds on. One day’s elephant poop can be used to manufacture 115 sheets of recyclable paper.

Mosquito Repellent

Can’t find your mosquito repellant spray? If you’re in the elephant rich region, just burn their dung. You may not find the poop repulsive, but mosquitos certainly do. Watch them flee for their lives when the fumes swirl about.


The fume that wafts out from elephant poop can be also used to make a mild painkiller. If you are still in that forest, nursing a headache as you fend away the mosquitos, that poop is a life saviour. Once the entire dung is burnt, inhale deep to get rid of your headache.

Bio Gas

Ditch expensive gas and burn elephant dung instead to cook your food. It makes excellent compost. In some National Parks in India, the mounds of poop are used for fuel by the villagers since woodcutting is prohibited. You will be saving the planet with the environmentally friendly option.

Poop Coffee and Beer

Ever had elephant poop coffee beans? They are said to be full of flavour. Elephants consume coffee beans which are meticulously collected from their poop because they gather a chocolate flavour that many love. Called “Un Kono Kuro” in Japan, or “Black Ivory Coffee”, the coffee brewed with the fermented beans is said to be an exotic delicacy. In Thailand, the coffee made with elephant dung beans are considered the world’s most expensive. Cheers to the creative minds who explored this idea!

Filling Deep Ditches

In some reserves in Africa, elephant dung is used to fill ditches on the road, caused by soil erosion. The dung is full of long, natural fibres that act as a sieve to filter out sand and soil that tend to get washed downhill.


Elephants are unable to digest much of their food, so the pile of semi-digested leaves, grass, bark, and fruit nourishes the soil to fuel plant growth.

Paper Products

Elephants digest less than half of their food so the poop is mostly fibre that is used to make into paper.

Aliya Dung Paper

Our goal at Aliya Dung Paper is to provide a quality alternative to recycled paper while giving back. A portion of all our sales is donated to help continue to support elephants and the environment. Your support to Aliya Dung paper products will help elephants live a better life, sustain jobs at Eco Maximus paper factory, and create greater awareness about the gentle and beautiful species of elephants.


All credit goes to Aliya Dung Paper