Eco-Friendly Elephant Dung Paper Notebook

Here's how you can help elephants

Here's how you can help elephants
Most ivory sold illegally in the world comes from elephants that have been killed recently. It does not typically come from inventory stocked from ...

Eat, Sleep, Play: A Day In The Life Of An African Elephant

Eat, Sleep, Play: A Day In The Life Of An African Elephant
An African bush elephant can live up to 70 years. It feasts on 135-200 kgs of food in just one day alone, leaves the dump from all that food to see...

Uses for Animal Dung

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The sheer number of beneficial products and resources that result from processing animal dung is astonishing. There seems to be no end to the possi...

The Different Species of Elephants

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Elephants have had an integral connection with humans from thousands of years back. In many cultures and countries, they have been an integral part...

The Importance of Elephant Dung

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The 90% decrease in the Asian elephant population over the past century has more of an effect than most realize. Here are a few reasons as to why e...

The High Value of Animal Poop Paper

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Ever heard of animal poop paper? If you haven’t, brace yourself. You will hear more and more about numerous paper products from the dung of differe...

12 Fun Facts about Elephants

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Despite the unusual material, Aliya’s elephant dung paper is one of the cleanest paper sources you can use. Boiled and sanitized, Aliya’s Dung Pape...

The Wonders of Elephant Dung Paper

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Poop now has a new purpose. Elephant poop especially has risen from the grounds to elevated stardom. Scientists have found an eco-friendly way to r...

8 Wonders About Elephant Poop

8 Wonders About Elephant Poop

Aliya Dung Paper is made out of 30% elephant dung and 70% recycled paper at the Eco Maximus Paper Factory in Sri Lanka. A portion of each sale is donated for the upkeep of elephants. There is more to elephant poop than just recycled paper. Read more to learn what else it is used for.

5 Reasons Why Elephants are Necessary for the Ecosystem

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Each life on this planet is born for a reason. Whether it’s an animal, insect, bird, flower or plant, biodiversity helps us all support and nurture one another. With rapid poaching, random killing and habitat loss, many species are already extinct. The elephant faces an equal threat for the same reasons. There are about 500,000 elephants left in Africa. In Asia, the numbers are just 45,000 of the gentle creatures left.